Amazon, 2012

In July 2012, Brentwood Baptist Church, in Brentwood, Tennessee, sent a 10-member team to Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. Manaus, once a Portuguese colonial outpost, is now a city of nearly two million, situated in the heart of Brazil's Amazonian region. The 10-member Brentwood team–consisting of nurses and dentists, as well as others–was joined by a team from a local church, Iglesia Presbyteria de Manaus, to conduct a 7-day trip along the Amazon River visiting indigenous communities, where they provided medical and dental clinics, Vacation Bible School and sports programs for the children, and evening services at the local mission-churches.

The combined team ate, slept, bathed, and worked on a large flat-bottomed vessel, one of three or four that Iglesia Presbyteria uses specifically to be able to host and conduct these trips to each of their dozen or more mission churches located in the Amazonian villages. The team visited four different villages during the week, sometimes using community buildings and school houses for the clinics, as they were available. Other team members visited homes in the villages, offering to pray with the residents, and sharing the Gospel as well. Most evenings the team participated in worship services in the communities. Each night, the team boarded the vessel to clean up and go to bed, as the captain slowly motored down-river to the next destination.