A bit about me...

I first picked up a camera (a manual-focus Nikon N2000 with one of those now-retro thumb-powered film-advance levers) when I was eight years old. It was my dad's, and I was afraid of it because I thought I was going to drop it. He handed it to me, I snapped off a few frames, and then proceeded to drop it. On the concrete. On the lens. I cried. He didn't.

We both recovered from that episode, and, miraculously enough, the lens still worked--well, mostly. I eventually appropriate the camera from my father (with his blessing, of course), dragging it with me wherever I went, all over the country, shooting roll after roll of film. I've been making photographs pretty much ever since.

I fell in love with photography, and the power it has to change how we make sense of the world around us--especially the power it has to bear witness, and through that, to effect positive change in the world. It is my passion to use the power of photography in this way, to bear witness to others regarding the condition of this world we share. I studied photojournalism in college, and have worked on projects as a photojournalist and commercial photographer since 2000.